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General Information

Helpful information that explains life in our centres.

Welcome to our Centres with Nurture

If you've never been to our centres, this booklet gives you the key facts you need to know.

All the common questions that parents, carers and professionals ask are covered in a colourful way.

If you're looking for our SEND Information report, all the SEND Info Report details are covered in our Welcome Booklet, which is currently being updated.

What we Learn

As well as the specialist SEMH work we do, children learn subjects you'd expect in your child's school (e.g. English, maths, art, history).

The National Curriculum is part of each child's entitlement. It also gives them knowledge and skills to be successful as an adult.

By covering National Curriculum subjects, if children make enough progress to consider a move back to mainstream school, they are in a better position to take that step (because they have covered similar topics to their new classmates).

Our detailed overview of teaching and learning is here. We do tweak the order of this, or bring in other topics. That's because often our KS2 children's learning starts with their motivations to help re-engage them in the curriculum. Even if learning begins with children's interests, it is important to have long term planning that provides a skeleton.


Our "Curriculum Justification"

This document explains our curriculum intent, implementation and impact. Click here to read it.



We follow the Pinderfields PRU safeguarding policy.

  • You can find our safeguarding policy here.
  • You can find out about our safeguarding team in our quick guide here.


Getting to School

Most children arrive at Woodlands and Thornes by taxi or minibus. If a child is placed with us, their parent/carer decides whether to apply for transport.

Click here for a quick guide with lots of useful info and links.