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Closure Home Learning

While the centre is closed as staff recover from COVID, please find work and activities below. If you do not have access to a printer, pupils should be able to complete the work on an online document or on a piece of paper. Please return completed activities to school when we reopen.

We recognise that it may be difficult to engage your child with any activities as they are not at school. We recommend gentle encouragement, but please do not cause significant dysregulation at home. Your child's emotional and mental health are the most important.

Strategies which might help:

  • Try to engage your child in choosing the activities they would like to do from those attached.
  • Set a time limit of 15 minutes per activity so that pupils have a time frame.
  • Explain the 'now and next' - what are you doing now and what could be the next activity (this might be Lego, sensory play etc.)
  • Follow the standard school timetable: we always do Reading, Writing, Maths in that order every day. On Monday and Tuesday, we do topic before lunch and relationships learning after lunch. 
  • Use sensory activities to regulate and relax your child - make gloop using cornflour and water (your child knows how!), play with water or sand if you have them available, wrap up in a thick/heavy blanket in a quiet space.
  • Keep demand low - offer help if wanted but don't sit with your child unless they ask you to, as this encourages independence and reduces expectation.

Learning activities for Monday, 21st March, 2022

 01 Monday_Maths.docxDownload
 01 Monday_Reading.docxDownload
 01 Monday_Relationships.docxDownload
 01 Monday_Topic .docxDownload
 01 Monday_Writing.docxDownload
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Learning activities for Tuesday, 22nd March, 2022

 02 Tuesday_Maths.docxDownload
 02 Tuesday_Reading.docxDownload
 02 Tuesday_Relationships.docxDownload
 02 Tuesday_Topic .docxDownload
 02 Tuesday_Writing.docxDownload
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Learning activities for Wednesday, 23rd March, 2022

 01 Wednesday_Reading.docxDownload
 02 Wednesday_Writing.docxDownload
 03 Wednesday_Maths.docxDownload
 04 Wednesday_Topic.docxDownload
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Learning activities for Thursday, 24th March, 2022

 01 Thursday_Reading.docxDownload
 02 Thursday_Writing.docxDownload
 03 Thursday_Maths.docxDownload
 04 Thursday_Topic.docxDownload
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