Pinderfields Hospital

Pupil Referral Unit


College Grove, Castleford, WF10 5NS.  01977 723038


Prior to admission to the setting there will already have been concerns expressed regarding the pupils educational needs and questions around where the best setting would be to support learning and development. Professionals such as Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychology, The Communication and Interaction Team and Social Emotional Mental Health Team will already be involved. The pupils will already have an Education Health and Care Plan. Pupils are referred to The Woodlands Resource for a place through the Education Health and Care Panel. SENART will consult with us to see if a place is available and suitable to meet individual needs.


We are able to support a range of interventions appropriate to the individual needs of the child, identified in the EHCP. The referral process ensures that the pupils needs can be met within the provision ensuring staff are able to facilitate the relevant interventions.

To deliver interventions services such as Educational Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language and The Communication and Interaction Team may be contacted for support.


 Teacher in Charge

Chris Donaghy


Faye Grainger

Senior Specialist Learning Support Officer

Lindsay Nodder

Specialist Learning Support Officer

Joanne Wortley

Specialist Learning Support Officer

Julie Lockwood

Specialist Learning Support Assistant

Wendy Oakes

Specialist Learning Support Assistant

Gloddy Deans

Specialist Learning Support Assistant

Rachel Corbett

Specialist Learning Support Assistant









Woodlands is an educational provision to meet the needs of KS1 pupils who have a special educational need. Pupils in setting predominantly need support with their social, emotional and mental health needs, as well as their communication and interaction needs. The focus of the setting is to provide a safe learning environment to ensure that pupils are socially and emotionally comfortable for them to begin to learn and access the curriculum. All children will have access to teaching and learning which covers the early years curriculum but is delivered in a way that continues to support their pastoral and special educational needs. During the day pupils will be involved in a range of learning activities in groups or as individuals. The setting is based around Nurture Principles that look to provide a safe supportive environment to learn. 


The setting offers pupils chance to develop knowledge and learning in mathematics and literacy in a way that supports their current level of learning and their individual needs. In addition topic/creative opportunities of learning are facilitated to cover others aspects of the curriculum. Our main focus is to develop pupil’s personal skills and ultimately attempt to prepare them for success in later life.