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Information for Parents (taken directly from their Website)

Your child’s school has purchased Evisense and will be using it to store photos, videos, audio recordings of your child as well as documents. This document is to give you an introduction to Evisense and to give you information regarding who has access to your child’s information, where the information is stored and other safe guarding precautions we have taken.

Evisense from B Squared ltd is a tool for schools that will store and showcase events from a child’s time in education. Evisense will be used to record a pupil’s achievements and progress through photos, videos, audio and documents. Evisense is designed to be used from Early Years through to adolescence and beyond. Evisense can be used on mobile phones and tablets, each school controls what devices teachers can use Evisense on.

B Squared have been working in the Education industry for over 20 years, our market leading assessment software has been used by schools since 2000. In 2012 we provided hosting for our customers data and now look after over 150,000 students’ data.


Who can see my child's photos and videos?

Photos can be accessed by the teachers within the school. Your school controls who can access your child's photos. B Squared employees cannot see your photos or videos.

Who is looking after my child's photos and where are they?

B Squared employ a team of people dedicated to managing the servers that run Evisense, Managing the servers ourselves gives improved security. We comply with all data protection laws for each country we operate in. The table below shows where the servers are for each country we operate in. All data for UK schools stays within the UK.

Do teachers have phones full of photos of my child?

Evisense has been designed so that any photo or video taken in the app cannot be accessed outside of the app. The photos cannot be accessed by any other app on the device or accessed by plugging the device into a computer.

Evidence is encrypted and uploaded as soon as it can be. If there is an available internet connection, the evidence is uploaded immediately. If not, it will uploaded when connected to a wireless network. All traffic between the device and our servers is encrypted. The evidence is removed from the device as soon as it has been uploaded.

Some schools and local authorities have strict guidelines on what devices can be used within the school. Evisense allows schools to restrict the devices that can be used by teachers. A school may decide to only allow evidence to be gathered on school-owned devices, giving schools greater control over their safeguarding.

All of this means that teachers do not have mobile devices full of photos of children.

Do B Squared own the photos/videos?

B Squared do not own any of the content uploaded to our servers with Evisense. B Squared are legally known as a "Data Processor" within the UK, this means the ownership of any data remains with the school or establishment using our service. It is the schools obligation to ensure that we are meeting their safeguarding and data protection requirements. When schools sign up to the Evisense service we present them with our terms and conditions which highlight how we meet these requirements. Additional information is available to the school on request.

Some social media sites have statements when signing up that state that by using their service they have the right to use your photos. Evisense is a very different system, our security and safeguarding principles mean that no single person at B Squared can access any photos or videos. We cannot access them, therefore we cannot use them.

Will I be able to access the photos/videos of my child?

Yes. Evisense is designed to not only record and store evidence, but to share evidence with parents.


Security and safe guarding have been built in to the heart of Evisense. Working with schools and local authorities over the last 20 years has given us a strong understanding of these institutions safeguarding policies. We have worked hard to meet every security and safeguarding issue raised by our customers and many, many more. The intention is that Evisense gives schools and parents every confidence that their child and their data are safe. The list below highlights some of the security and safe guarding precautions we have taken:


  • All media files are encrypted in storage
  • Media removal from mobile devices on successful upload
  • Media encrypted on mobile device inside Evisense app when awaiting upload
  • Prevention of access to mobile device gallery from Evisense app
  • Prevention of access to Evisense device gallery from mobile device gallery
  • Media view counts implemented
  • Media download counts implemented
  • Child protection list prevents sharing of evidence containing protected students
  • Mobile device authorisation
  • Reporting of inappropriate posts resulting in immediate removal
  • Reviewing of reported posts with actions to take


  • Encrypted connections between browser and server
  • Encrypted connections between mobile apps and server
  • Data stored in the UK
  • All servers own by B Squared Ltd
  • Server access restrictions
  • Least permissions applied
  • Server access auditing and active monitoring in place
  • Hard disk encryption

If you have any questions about Evisense and how it is used please talk to your school.