Pinderfields Hospital

Pupil Referral Unit



The Forest Wood Assessment Centre offers experiences which supports the development of all aspects of the child – emotional, physical, communication and academic. We greatly value the working partnership of families, therapists, medics and educationalists.


We have recently reviewed our curriculum offer, and the documents below will help you to understand how we intend for our curriculum to meet the emerging needs of our pupils, how we plan to implement this learning in the setting and what we expect the impact to be on our pupils. 




Curriculum Justification Document

Our curriculum progression maps demonstrate how we plan for our curriculum to progress during a child's time with us at Forest Wood. Our curriculum begins at the very earliest stages of development and addresses progression through to the end of Key Stage One. Each of our Curriculum Maps also identifies the key vocabulary for each stage of learning within, which is taught alongside our Core Vocabulary in order to develop communication for all of our pupils. These curriculum maps can be found under the 'Curriculum' tab, alongside photographs of our pupils at work.