Online Safety

 Online Safety and Safeguarding is taken very seriously across all our provisions and is therefore  included as a standard agenda item in all meetings held by Pinderfields Hospital PRU.


 Staff have undertaken the following training:


 Anti Bullying Online - October 2015

 Information Security - October 2015

 PREVENT (All staff, in-house) - March 2016

 Channel (All staff, online) - 2016

 Child Protection Online (All staff) - March 2016

 Sexting Webinar - September 2016

 Keeping Children Safe in Education (Online) - October 2016

 Keeping Your School Safe - November 2016

 Child Protection (All staff, face to face) - November 2016

 Online safety in an SEN Environment - November 2016

 Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP3, all staff, face to face)- November 2016

Safer Internet Day Webinar - January 2017

 We will protect children from the risk of radicalisation by using filters and internet usage monitoring  to make sure they can't access extremist and terrorist material.

Below you will find a wide range of resources and websites to advise and support both parents and children with safety whilst online.

This page is updated regularly so keep bobbing back for up to date news and advice.

 Hampshire Police have been investigating a sexually explicit video featuring young children.  It has   been reported that this video has been viewed by other children.  Fortunately the students involved   did the correct thing and reported it to staff in their schools.

 West Yorkshire police have issued this information for parents about the video.

West Yorkshire Police Advice


Digital resilience: a parent's guide

Children who are digitally resilient will be equipped to handle the challenges of the modern, digital world.


Digital resilience involves having the ability to understand when you are at risk online, knowing what to do if anything goes wrong, learning from your experiences of being online, and being able to recover from any difficulties or upsets.


Click on the image for the full article

Become an expert in your child's online world in six weeks

An update to Snapchat that shows publicly posted images on a searchable map has raised safety concerns among parents. Click on the link to see the latest advice.



GOOGLE have launched a fantastic new resource to supporting parents keeping their children safe online.



 Snapchat has teamed up with the UK Safer Internet Centre, ConnectSafely and iKeepSafe to create  the Snapchat Safety Centre.  They have developed some useful guides aimed at parents, teachers,  and Snapchatters to help them understand more about what Snapchat is and the potential dangers.


Apps to be aware of...

Users upload live videos of themselves lip-syncing and or dancing to music with the objective of gaining likes & followers. With 252k daily active users in Australia, this app is incredibly popular with young people. But there are underlying risks including grooming and cyber bullying, as well as inappropriate sexualised or self harm content. Children often upload videos in their school uniforms, providing an easy means for predators to locate them.


Users create an account to communicate with other random users anywhere in the world. The app currently has 129k daily active users. Young people are at risk of being contacted by predators, being bullied by other users and are also incentivised to make in app purchases in order to boost their popularity on the app.


Often dubbed "Tinder for teens", users swipe left or right on profiles. Yellow has exacerbated the risks on Snapchat (where teens are sharing sexting images thinking they will disappear when they are actually being screenshotted and shared). Matches are automatically provided with a platform to chat and link to each other's Snapchat accounts, to increase their Snapchat followers. With 84k daily active users in Australia, this app is rapidly gaining popularity.

Users upload live videos of themselves doing anything and everything with the objective of gaining likes & followers. The freedom users have to upload anything they want results in a huge risk of young children viewing highly inappropriate content such as nudity and self harm. This app has 80k daily active users within Australia, so it's not as popular as, however there is a greater risk of inappropriate content given the theme of posts is 'anything goes'.


Users broadcast themselves playing video games for other users to watch. Users can also chat with each other.  Twitch's online community promotes a pack mentality among users who are predominantly young males. Users who don't align with this attitude are ridiculed heavily. Currently the app has 69k daily active users.

Houseparty provides the facility to live video chat with your contacts,. However once they are in a video chat, their connections and any other participants’ connections are able to join the same video chat session.  If they do not lock the video chat session, a friend of someone with whom they are video chatting may join that current video chat session, with or without an invite from them and whether or not they know him or her.


Here is a great link from The UK Safer Internet Centre with guidance for parents on the settings options available on home internet connections.


 Also, 'Internet Matters' have produced a document guiding parents with setting up devices safely for use online.  

 Device Safety Setup




This new campaign aims to help young people spot the signs of online abuse and grooming


Monitoring apps, what parents should know? - Parent Info




The Vodafone Guardian app helps to keep children safer when using a smartphone. Guardian App


Google’s Safe Search filters give parents the ability to change their browser setting to prevent adult content from appearing in their children’s search results. Google Search


How to stay safe on the Internet — a guidebook for students and parents. Sophos Book


Protect children by activating simple parental controls in the home.  Internet matters

Films and supporting resources for parents to empower their family to use social media safely and
responsibly.   Live my Digital


A guide for parents  on Whatsapp.  Whatsapp


BBC's guides to keeping your children safe online. BBC iWonder





 Facebook Checklist




Snapchat how to guide