Pinderfields Hospital

Pupil Referral Unit

Welcome to our Centres with Nurture

 Through high quality teaching and support with our integrated approach, we offer   personalised learning to help children reach their full potential.

When it is time for pupils to move on, we aim to have made a positive difference so that they:

  • Have the skills to form and maintain positive relationships
  • Are in good mental health
  • Are able to manage their feelings and emotions
  • Understand risks and how to protect themselves in a changing world
  • Are resilient and able to overcome the challenges of life
  • Have high levels of basic skills
  • Have a lifelong love of learning
  • Are independent
  • Are able to make a meaningful contribution in our multicultural United Kingdom 


Where would you like to go first?

Our Woodlands or Thornes pages tell you about our:

  • Curriculum, interventions and therapies
  • Staff
  • Admissions
  • Children's work
  • Parents' comments
  • Contact details


Our General Information page tells you about:

  • What we learn
  • Our safeguarding policy
  • Our safeguarding team
  • Transport to school