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The hospital inpatient classroom is based on the Children's Ward (Gate 46) of Pinderfields Hospital. Here teachers deliver education to school aged children during term-time.

The support pupils receive from school staff helps their emotional and mental wellbeing, providing the familiar routine of school and serves as a distraction from being in hospital, with all the associated stress and anxiety.

Most importantly, it allows for the continuation of education. Close links with Wakefield schools ensure that students are provided with work mirroring that being completed by their peers school. 

Hospital Education minimises the impact of the illness on their educational progress and achievement and reduces anxiety in young people regarding work they might be missing at school. This anxiety can be particularly intense in Year 10 / 11 pupils, who have coursework deadlines and examinations coming up.  For longer-stay patients, we keep in close contact with the young person's school, encouraging them to engage in the work they are missing. 

When appropriate, examinations and assessments (e.g. GCSEs) can be carried out on the ward as we are an exam centre.

The majority of pupils return immediately from the ward to their own school after their stay in hospital. However, those who are discharged, but are unable to attend school, may be referred by their consultant to our headteacher for continuing education through our Wrenthorpe site which covers home tutoring for medically unfit children.



Children from the wards are admitted to the hospital school based on advice received from medical staff.  This is always at the heart of any teaching or support work that is undertaken by staff.  Children will fall into one of the following three categories:

 * pupils who a medically well enough to be taught in the classroom

 * pupils who are well enough to be taught but must remain in their own rooms and taught at their bedside

 * pupils who are not medically fit to be taught



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"X's parting comment was that Lisa was the best teacher ever and she wished all teachers were as fun as her."

"Staff are friendly and approachable.  They go every step to help with work from school.  Cannot praise the staff enough."

"They understood the curriculum and made us feel at ease."

"Fantastic service.  Not only did XXX enjoy it, you all kept me sane too!"

"Lisa was very helpful.  She liaised with school to sort out work/revision for X and then taught the sessions to her in a way that allowed her to enjoy the session but still took into account that she was ill."

"Lisa is the worst at Uno, but the best teacher!"