Pinderfields Hospital

Pupil Referral Unit



All work planned in the hospital school, is in line with the latest National Curriculum for all key stages, and based around topic areas. 

Children will initially follow our National Curriculum based topics, then on day 3 of a child’s stay, our hospital teacher will contact the child’s own school to speak to their teacher. The child’s individual learning needs will be discussed and then appropriate lessons planned and delivered.   The home school may also send specific work for the child to complete whilst in hospital.   This ensures the child is accessing a similar education to their peers. 

We encourage children to read across both fiction and none fiction.  We believe reading improves a persons knowledge of themselves and the wider world.  It can open up new worlds and fantasy places.  We aim to enable our children to read fluently and with confidence.

The personal development of students is a fundamental part of the academic and pastoral work of our school, we aim to develop students spiritually, morally, socially and culturally and ensure that they are treated as individuals whenever possible.

The hospital school is a registered exam centre, any children who would normally be taking exams in their own schools, are able to sit them whilst being an inpatient if medical fitness allows.