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Pupil Referral Unit


Pupils are assessed in whichever way is appropriate for their development. Some children are able to fully access the Key Stage Two curriculum, are assessed using Progression Steps on B Squared and, if they are able, will access Year 6 SATs. Where pupils are not accessing the Key Stage Two curriculum, they are assessed using Engagement Steps.  Autism Progress is also used to assess social communication skill development.


Progression Steps

Progression Steps is designed for pupils who are engaging with subject-specific learning. This framework covers an ability range from pupils working at pre-key stage standards up to pupils working towards the lower GCSE grades. The Progression Steps covers a wide ability range and is designed for both primary age and secondary age pupils. The Progression Steps level structure was created by B Squared, but fits in with expectations set by the DfE.


Engagement Steps

Engagement Steps is our assessment framework for pupils not yet engaged in subject-specific learning. It supports schools using the Engagement Model. It comprises of four sections which reflect the four broad areas of need:

    • Cognition and Learning (covering the 5 Aspects of Engagement)
    • Communication and Interaction
    • Social, Emotional and Mental Health
    • Sensory and Physical


Autism Progress

Autism Progress has a set of progressive levels in the following areas of autism:

    • Communication
    • Flexibility of Thought
    • Social Interaction
    • Emotional Regulation

Each area goes from level 1 (around birth) to level 17 (early adulthood). A significant benefit of Autism Progress are the strategies that it contains, we have worked with experts to create a list of strategies for each area and each level to help support your students.


Key Stage Two Assessments

Multiplication Check

Pupils in year four, if they are able to, will complete the multiplication check. Further information can be found here:

Pupils will be given the opportunity to access the format of the digital test before completing it.

Key Stage Two Tests

Pupils in year 6 may access these tests if they are beginning to show evidence of working at the required standard. Pupils may be entered for all of the tests or a selection. Pupils will be supported before the tests to understand what to expect and how to complete the papers, but the priority is always on curriculum coverage and not test preparation. Further information can be found here: