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PHPRU nominated Ebony Fisher for the Academia award in the Child of achievement awards which she won. The awards ceremony evening was amazing and included time with the mayor in his parlour, a police escort to the Cathedral and then a wonderful evening of music, food and happiness for all the children and their families and friends.












 Bradford Media Museum - Yorkshire Games Festival

 A small group of students attend the Games Festival with Mrs Iliffe, Mr Turner, Miss   Heritage and Mr Hodgson.

 We managed to visit a few of the exhibitions but the clear favourite was the Games Lab.   The students were able to play on 'old fashioned' computer games.  It was quite a blast   from the past for some of the staff.




 The main objective of the day was the Games Making Workshop.  One of our students, who   is a big fan of SIMs, was able to meet one of the team who worked on SIMs 3.



This Years Enterprise Day


Time to Get Fit!

Wakefield Pride



As part of our upcoming Anti Bullying Week (13th - 17th Nov) we were lucky enough to have a visit from Jono Lancaster, Founder of the Love me Love My Face Foundation(Wakefield Express Launch Article)  Jono has a facial condition Treacher Collins Syndrome and has experienced a lot of problems with the way he looked, especially in his teenage years. He spoke to both staff and pupils about his journey and the bullying type issues he had experienced.  His story showed how he overcame issues and fears to become the confident man he is today, travelling the world, educating and meeting other people with facial conditions.  

The whole school (staff and students) got a great deal from the experience of meeting Jono, but he was also impressed with our students behaviour and mindset and he felt our provision was amazing.


Religious art work from children from all our 3 sites was exhibited at St Anne's Church in Wrenthorpe