Pinderfields Hospital

Pupil Referral Unit

Core Vocabulary and Communication

We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to learn to communicate in a variety of ways, and so teach our Core Vocabulary as a key part of the curriculum. The documents below will explain what our Core Vocabulary is and the reason it is in place. You can download a set of Core Vocabulary to use with your child at home, including the symbols. You will find tutorial videos for each set of words, which demonstrate how to use the sign and how to support your child.

Our curriculum is then developed around core sets of words which provide opportunities to explore opposites, British Values and subject specific vocabulary. This document can also be found below. There are also some videos for you to enjoy of the children learning and experiencing this vocabulary in the setting.

Below is the tutorial video for our core vocabulary from our YouTube channel.

Below is an example of a short attention task delivered through Attention Autism to teach the word 'Up'. Attention Autism takes place daily to support delivery of the curriculums.