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Our progressive curriculum is mapped from the very earliest stages of development, roughly in line with expectations for a child aged between birth and six months, through to the age-related expectations for a year six pupil. These stages of learning are used to break down expectations into pupil focused steps, with a focus on vocabulary and skills development. Our aim is to prepare each child for the next stage of their learning. We are guided and informed by the Wakefield Risk and Resilience Framework.


Curriculum vocabulary for learners working within stages A to F.

Curriculum vocabulary for learners working within stages G to L.

Progressive Curriculum

Our progressive curriculum details the skills and knowledge taught at each stage.  Each setting plans learning opportunities from the curriculum grids in order to meet the needs of the pupils in their care. For example, pupils attending Early Years Assessment Centre will likely be working within stages A, B and C, whereas pupils entering Woodlands may be working at stages J, K or L. The document below outlines the learning at each stage.

Below are videos and photos which demonstrate what learning may look like for your child. If you have any questions about what you see below, you should speak to the Teacher in Charge of your child's setting.

What might teaching of British Values Vocabulary look like?

These symbols are chosen because they are specific to the world around us and because they are recognisable symbols which our pupils might be able to assign meaning to. Below are two videos, one linked to 'Christmas Tree' and one linked to 'Poppy'. If you have any questions about how we teach British Values or what these mean for our pupils, please contact the centre. The videos below highlight how some of this teaching might look in Forest Wood.  If you have any questions about how British Values are taught, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss this with you.