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We provide a range of learning experiences in a caring and secure atmosphere, where both effort and achievement are encouraged and praised.


 During the week commencing 28th January 2019, Emma (Teacher in   Charge) delivered assemblies to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 at   Mackie Hill Junior and Infant School. During these assemblies, she   shared information about the Forest Wood site, Pinderfields   Hospital PRU and Special Educational Needs. The children were   interested to know what goes on behind the secret link door   between the schools and enjoyed learning some Makaton. The   children in Key Stage 2 at Mackie Hill are currently doing work   around being sensitive to the needs of others.

 Since delivering the assemblies, some children at Mackie Hill have   waved to our children during their playtime's or said hello. We have   already been welcomed to several events at Mackie Hill School and   look forward to future ones!



“x has enjoyed his time at Forest Wood and although he has only made a small amount of progress it’s a lot for him. Thank you.”

“I am extremely happy about x’s knowledge progression. He is sometimes using big words and trying to explain himself. I am worried about his anxiety at school which impacts his behaviour at school. Thank you for your hard work!”

“x has settled in very well at PHPRU. We are very pleased with his progress.”

“We feel very happy that x is at Forest Wood. We feel he is doing really well in the short time he has been there.”

“Fantastic school and fantastic teachers. Just wish it was until they are ready for high school rather than going to another primary school.”

 “Always kept informed, friendly and approachable.”

 “X is much happier child since attends Forest Wood school. We as parents would like a bit more about his knowledge development at school. Thank you for looking after our little treasure.”

 “We are happy that our child really likes this school. Every morning he just can’t wait for the transport. He comes back home settled, with good eye contact, so he makes good progress...”