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We are a small, specialist setting for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who all have an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) because of a medical condition, disability and/or early social communication and interaction difficulties. We provide a range of learning experiences in a caring and secure atmosphere, where both effort and achievement are encouraged and praised. Our curriculum is tailored to the individual child, incorporating their EHCP outcomes and looking at ways in which we can support the development of the whole child. Every aspect of the day is a learning opportunity and these are utilised fully.


If you are considering Forest Wood as a setting for your child, please do phone to have a conversation with the Teacher in Charge and/or arrange to visit the site.

Take a look at our video to give you an insight into some of the things we do at Forest Wood.



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“We are very happy how our child has come on being at Forest Wood.” 

“I am happy with the school, thanks.” 

“Very happy with all aspects of Forest Wood. Friendly staff who are approachable has always been the best thing about Forest Wood, this makes me feel at ease that my child will be in good hands. Everyone has always been so lovely with my child and I will be sad in September when he moves on to Kingsland. Thank you all for all you do.  Amazing staff.” 

“Your level of care is outstanding, the staff are all fantastic . . . thank you!” 

“. . .  overall, we are very happy with Forest Wood school and communication is more than excellent. Thank you for your massive effort. I wish all schools could be like Forest Wood.” 

“I am very happy with the ongoing support for my child and I have no concerns.” 

 “My child is more proficient at paying attention to the social setting and is becoming more equipped to being in busy public places thanks to your work. We appreciate it a lot. Thank you!”

“All amazing staff. Always feel that my child is safe, well looked after and her needs met. Thank you all.”

“I am very happy with the school for my child. My child is very happy to go every day.” 

We feel that you are very good at identifying ways to make our child feel comfortable at his most anxious times.” 

“Thank you for all the support. I can’t thank James and Joanne enough. Many thanks.”

“Everything goes well for my child.”