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If you have any concerns or questions about staying safe online, please contact school and our Online Safety Lead, Lisa Iliffe will be more than happy to help you. 


01924 541947 or 

Meet the Online Safety Team

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Please read the letter linked below which we have been asked to pass on by the National Crime Agency. It is an alert around the safety of children in regards to a current sharp rise in Financial Motivated Sexual Extortion.

NCA ALERT Financially Motivated Sexual Extortion

 Get smart about smartphones - Advice for parents and carers

 We know it can be tough to stay on top of kids smartphone use, especially if they are just starting

 their digital journey.

Here are some simple but practical things you can do today to take action and keep them safe.



The Report Harmful Content Button

The RHC button has been developed to offer anyone living in the UK a simple mechanism for gaining access to reporting routes for commonly used social networking sites, gaming platforms, apps and streaming services alongside trusted online safety advice, help and support. 

It also provides access for reporting online harm, for those over the age of 13 where an initial report has been made to industry but no action has been taken. RHC will review content in line with a sites' community standards and act in a mediatory capacity where content goes against these.

Children under 13 years of age are encouraged to tell an adult that they trust about what has happened and to ask for their help in reporting this going through our how we can help resource together.

RHC also have advice and links to reporting routes for other online harms people may come across or face, such as impersonation, privacy violations and intimate image abuse. 

Reporting to RHC

Reports can be made 24/7 through the online reporting forms and helpline practitioners will review and respond to reports  within 72 hours between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

   The Report Harmful Content Button

SWGfL Report Harmful Content





360 Self Review Audit Tool


Safer Schools App
Help keep everyone safe while online by downloading the Safer Schools App.
We use the app across all sites for pupils, staff and parents/carers.
 Download the app:
 Choose Pinderfields Hospital PRU
 Input the relevant code from the options below:
 Parent/Carer Primary - 7440
 Parent/Carer Secondary - 7675


Rather than having ongoing disagreements about your child’s screen time, use the Safer Schools pack to establish flexible and structured boundaries for your child to follow regarding their use of smartphones, laptops, televisions and gaming consoles.

The pack contains:

1. Screen Time Reward Tickets

2. A “Phone Zone” sticker

3. A Primary School Agreement Contract

4. A Secondary School Agreement Contract

Assessing Smartphone Readiness

"Is my child old enough to have a phone?" It's a common, understandable question that many parents ask, and it is very difficult to answer as there are so many factors involved.
For younger children it's often peer pressure, with older children social isolation is very common.

 The Institute for Digital Media and Child Development have put together some tip sheets for parents which are really useful.   There are 3 parts:
  • Assessing readiness.
  • Preparing for healthy use.
  • What now?
You can view all the tip sheets HERE.


 "How do I start that conversation with my child?"

Early and continuing conversations is important and should not be any different from any other normal conversation. 

To help parents, Internet Matters have put together some conversation starters and tips to help which you can find HERE.

Talking to your child about online sexual harassment: A guide for parents and carers.
Talking to your child about online sexual harassment: A guide for parents and carers.

What is The Dark Web?

Take a look at CEOP's advice and short film explaining all you need to know about the dark web.



A collection of short videos to use with primary aged children.

These videos are designed to be used by families at home for an adult to deliver directly with children aged 6-9 years old. Click on the image below.