Pinderfields Hospital

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Home Play Ideas


  • different textures including packaging, balls, fabrics etc
  • ‘junk’, especially large cardboard boxes
  • food items
  • ice – different shapes and colours
  • ice with other items such as rice, water, toys


  • spinning
  • bouncing – trampoline, gym/peanut ball,
  • balancing – walking along items, sitting/laying on a gym/peanut ball, standing on a cushion
  • climbing
  • running, jumping, skipping, hopping


  • rolling in blanket/rug
  • pushing body/head against something soft such as a cushion
  • hanging upside down off sofa/bed
  • homemade playdough
  • water play – involving hand, feet, full body. Try adding items to the water such as bubbles, colours, floating toys, sinking toys etc.
  • bubbles created by a machine, by blowing, by moving bubble wand
  • child blowing bubbles is a great skill for them to develop
  • blowing bubbles in water through a straw
  • blowing through a straw to move items such as balls of paper, pom poms and bubbles

Communication ideas

  • Ready, steady…. go (aiming for the child to say ‘go’ ) games – bubbles, tickles, chasing, letting a balloon go
  • Songs - sing through a favourite song with your child. Next time, pause at a certain point and see if your child will sing or react for you to continue.


For more sensory/messy ideas see

Uniform and Clothing

We do not have a uniform but we do take part in a lot of messy play. Although aprons are encouraged we cannot guarantee the children will not get paint etc on their clothes. Please consider this when dressing your child for nursery.

EHCP - What to do before a review

All children with an EHCP will have a review at least annually. Anyone can call an early review at any point if they feel major changes need to made to the EHCP plan such as a change of provision.

Before your child’s EHCP annual review…

We will:

  • invite professionals to attend the meeting and/or submit a report
  • review appropriate sections including Section B, F and E
  • have up to date attendance and assessment data

Please can you:

  • check personal details on the first two pages
  • check professionals and make additions and/or amendments
  • A1 – this must be the child’s views. Photos can be added into this section – please email these to me.
  • A2 – this is parents’/carers views. Please check what is written is accurate and make any amendments or additions.
  • Read the outcomes set in Section E so we can discuss progress towards these together.

All the above will ensure that the meeting is effective and the amended EHCP is an accurate representation of your child, their needs and appropriate outcomes.

If you have any questions beforehand please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Following the review, we will submit the amended paperwork to SENART within 10 working days. They will then make all amendments, submit to panel if needed (for a change of setting or an increase in funding) and once complete send it out to you to check before issuing the final document. Please ensure you take the time to read the document thoroughly and check you are fully happy with it, letting SENART know of any mistakes/amendments prior to them issuing the final document.

Welcome Booklet

Please see below for information for pupils starting in September 2024. This document is updated annually and shared with parents of children taking a place.