Pinderfields Hospital

Pupil Referral Unit


We use the positive impact of sport to empower our students, it helps to give them the confidence to try new challenges.  Many of the young people who come to us have very low self esteem and lack confidence, through sport we build up their self esteem so they take pride in what they achieve at Pinderfields Hospital PRU.



These sessions involve climbing games that encourage balance and coordination.  Also stretches and simple conditioning, health and fitness permitting. The majority of the sessions are spent attempting the wall routes with the groups working together supporting each other whilst being supervised by instructors.




Students attend the gym for weekly sessions in the gym.  Sessions are supervised and led by qualified instructors and our own staff.  Sessions covering general fitness and healthy lifestyles help to contribute to both their physical and mental well being


Our outdoor multi-sports court allows pupils to take part in a variety of activities on-site. These include basketball, volleyball and badminton. 
We use our sports hall for a variety of activities to help improve both physical and mental well being. These range from circuit training to yoga and sports such as Boccia. We also encourage all pupils to take part at their own level making sure all sessions are fully accessible and inclusive.
Pupils have the opportunity to take part in countryside walking as spending time outside in nature has a proven beneficial effect on both mental and physical health.