Pinderfields Hospital

Pupil Referral Unit


Please see below for our computing skills progression map. 

Our curriculum is predominantly skills based, and progresses across six stages. These skills are underpinned by progressive vocabulary. The pupils who join our settings have an Education, Health and Care plan and either a prime or secondary need of SEMH.  These pupils often have other needs, such as Specific Learning Difficulties or Autism, or have Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) which have had an impact on their learning over time. This means that pupils are often working towards age related expectations.

In order to remove the stigma of being ‘behind’, our curriculum is separated into stages rather than year groups, and are taught like this in setting, though it can be assumed that, for example, Stage 7 is roughly equivalent to Year 1.

Statements are presented as ‘I can’ statements, or similar, to both present learning in terms which pupils can understand, but also in order to reaffirm to pupils that they can learn and be successful.

When pupils join our resources, their assessments from previous schools are considered and pupils are exposed to several stages in order to determine where they can access learning, to ensure that teaching is individualised and meets the needs of each pupil.