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Both classes built a Zones of Regulation board at the beginning of the year and every pupil and staff member chose characters to represent themselves. Each day we 'check in' and 'check out' and if our emotions change during the day, we move our characters. We have a weekly lesson to learn about each zone and how we can learn to re-regulate ourselves. 

 We have specific lessons about British Values. We also thread our British Values through all appropriate activities.

In maths, we use a CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach to ensure our pupils build knowledge in small practical steps that fills gaps in their mathematical knowledge before moving onto pictorial and abstract work.  Where ever possible we incorporate role play to try out our skills in real life situations, such as shopping.

We aim to inspire a love of reading so we have regular DEAR sessions and often get our visitors to read to us! 

Our pupils follow Ruth Miskin's Read Write Inc (RWI) and Fresh Start phonics programmes. We read phonetically matched books in class, and pupils can exchange a book of their choice from our library for sharing at home. How to help your child read at home with Ruth Miskin phonics. 

Our first topic of 2023 was about space and the incredible women behind the space race.