Pinderfields Hospital

Pupil Referral Unit

Home Play Ideas


  • different textures including packaging, balls, fabrics etc
  • ‘junk’, especially large cardboard boxes
  • food items
  • ice – different shapes and colours
  • ice with other items such as rice, water, toys


  • spinning
  • bouncing – trampoline, gym/peanut ball,
  • balancing – walking along items, sitting/laying on a gym/peanut ball, standing on a cushion
  • climbing
  • running, jumping, skipping, hopping


  • rolling in blanket/rug
  • pushing body/head against something soft such as a cushion
  • hanging upside down off sofa/bed
  • homemade playdough
  • water play – involving hand, feet, full body. Try adding items to the water such as bubbles, colours, floating toys, sinking toys etc.
  • bubbles created by a machine, by blowing, by moving bubble wand
  • child blowing bubbles is a great skill for them to develop
  • blowing bubbles in water through a straw
  • blowing through a straw to move items such as balls of paper, pom poms and bubbles

Communication ideas

  • Ready, steady…. go (aiming for the child to say ‘go’ ) games – bubbles, tickles, chasing, letting a balloon go
  • Songs - sing through a favourite song with your child. Next time, pause at a certain point and see if your child will sing or react for you to continue.


For more sensory/messy ideas see