Pinderfields Hospital

Pupil Referral Unit

English: Phonics, Reading and Writing

Below are the progression maps for our Reading curriculum.


Developmentally, many of our pupils are not yet able to access explicit phonics and reading teaching, and follow a developmental curriculum, for which the progression map can be found below. 

For those pupils who are able to access some modified national curriculum learning, the progression is below.  As they begin to respond to explicit and focused teaching, pupils will access the Jolly Phonics programme More information about Phonics at Pinderfields Hospital PRU can be found here. 

Pupils access phonics teaching before they are able to access the curriculum above. The document below summarises our day-to-day approach to teaching phonics, early reading and beyond.

Below is the progression map for our developmental writing curriculum. As with reading, many of our pupils may be at the pre-writing stage of exploring, mark making and creating. 

As with reading above, those pupils beginning to access the national curriculum will access teaching from the progression map below.